Mya Piccino Hookah

Mya Piccino Hookah

Pharaoh's Kaya

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Hookah Type : Screw-On
Number of Possible Hoses : 2 (Pharaohs 2.0 Adapters)
Total Height (Base to Bowl) : 13.25"
Base Height : 5.50"
Base Opening Diameter : 1.25"
Hose Type : Pharaohs Premium Leather Hose
Hose Length : 72.00"
Stem Finish : Chrome
Hookah Packaging : Pharaohs Carton Box
Bowl : Pharaohs Clay Bowl
Tongs : Pharaohs Large Tongs

All Pharaohs Hookahs come standard with the following items:

-Hookah Base

-Hookah Stem (if applicable)

-Hookah Downstem (if applicable)

-Hookah Hose (see hookah for style of hose included)

-Hookah Tray (if applicable)

-Hookah Bowl (see hookah for style of bowl included)

On Pharoh's non-glass hookahs, the 2.0 Valve System comes included with the ball bearing inside. For single hose use, please make sure to unscrew the adapter and remove the ball bearing so that you can purge the hookah. Save that ball bearing because if you would like to go to 2 or more hoses by buying additional hose adapters, you would need to place it back in.

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